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What does "Pilot" mean?: These class variations are for drivers who are not quite able to compete for the top positions in our championship classes.  There are many reasons why these classes may be the best option for you.  It may be because you race with older equipment,  you have entry level equipment,  you have less time to practice your skills, and many other reasons.  For whatever the reason, enter these classes to compete with drivers in similar situations.

#All past Pilot champions MUST be moved out of the Pilot programs.

What does "NC" mean?: This is the designation for our NON-Contact classes.  NC means that there will not be avoidable contact during the race. The on track race officials will determine, at their discretion, when avoidable contact has occurred.   Infractions will result in actions ranging from a warning, being docked finishing positions, or disqualification.  

Fuel Testing and Sample: Fuel is specified and must pass any test presented by the official tech personnel. The "sample" fuel will be VP-MS98L with Motul 2T Grand Prix mix oil at 16:1 Ratio. Stock Shifter classes VP-MS98L with Motul 2T Grand Prix. "Built" Shifters VP-C12 and Motul 2T Grand Prix. Participant is allowed one "fuel check". Any DQ is at the discretion of the Post Tech Supervisor. His decision is final and not pro testable.

Disclaimer: LAKC reserves the right to eliminate or add any class that does not meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for a championship. The minimum average to make a championship class is 5 per race. LAKC reserves the right to alter or change any of the above description as needed.

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