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Regional RWYB open class Inter-club Challenge 
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Post Regional RWYB open class Inter-club Challenge
Greetings from South Bay Karters

Purpose/Goal: To test via various local karting forums feedback the possible interest in a out of the box Regional RWYB open class Inter-club Challenge or some variation thereof.

Possible Rewards: Trophies, Local business Sponsored prizes, Fuel & Grocery Gift Cards/certificates/vouchers,
partial months rent/mortgage/auto payments/maintenance. Basically rewards to make life a little easier.

Thoughts are these "Rewards" could be generated by donations from local business advertisers & kart racer
participants donations since this whole idea would be on a non-profit family orientated racing affair. I confidentially know of a few karters & families that are almost homeless and an American challenge affair like this could really do some good.

Staff/marketing/maintenance: all Volunteer

Karting Angels/Sponsors: Confidential discrete Angels/Sponsors are other possibilities. There are many good qualified karters that can't afford to even race for one reason or another but could benefit from the rewards & spiritual uplifting of the competition, comradery & possibility of the chance to win meaningful life changing rewards.

We are proposing a HYPOTHETICAL IDEA - ( So Cal Regional Inter-club Challenge RWYB Open Sprint Racing ) That we feel there may be a demand for and would appreciate if you'd kindly start a new thread with this topic & accept my membership so I may respond to comments in like kind ?

Given the half dozen or so major karting clubs/associations in California So cal

Bakersfield Kart Club Bakersfield
Kerman Kart Club Fresno
Los Angeles Kart Club Fontana
Santa Maria Kart Club Santa Maria
San Diego Karting Association San Diego
So-Cal Sprinters Riverside
Tri C Karters Fontana
Willow Springs Kart Club Willow Springs
South Bay Kartering Association (a.k.a. South Bay Karters, South Bay Kart Club) Torrance

Given the state of affairs and condition of the California economic situation and the seemingly endless annual kart racing regulation & rule changes, we hypothetically propose an out of the box alternative competition challenge. Many karters are feeling the economic strangle hold; however, karting is our passion and/or addiction wink wink Be that as it may, all the annual ever changing regulations, modifications, rules, fees take their toll on our finances & rain on our joy squeezing us until we seek alternatives in a less taxing method of fulfilling our " need for speed ". I believe I can speak for every karter in that none of us if we had our druthers wants that.

Since most of our clubs & associations have our intra-club weekly weekend races anyway [Our Family orientated
weekly fun is FREE $0.00 Nada every Sunday (except rain-outs) 1230 pm - 530 pm, but we realize each of the clubs/associations have their own associated unavoidable costs], the hypothetical idea/proposal is to a simple time in the early days of karting in America with today's safety first tech-ed RWYB open class (with some specific track defendant rules - more on this later) that would serve as a catch-all and fulfill a void for most all of the karts & engines combinations that have no class or group to run with for one reason or another.

Guidelines/Rules are evolving & subject to change as this evolves, but the main idea is not too many restrictions or rules but Driver & Kart Safety first and foremost 16 years or older (less some unusually qualified proven exceptions) (always helmets, long pants, shirts, appropriate shoes and sportsman like conduct) , but everything else goes. No tire, fuel, weight, engine, kart, pipe, carb, airbox, few cc limits restrictions. Perhaps on a specific weekend Calendar - The best 5 representatives from club A vs. The best 5 representatives from club B, 6 - 10 racers per heat, 5 heats per day, 15 laps per race, top 3 heat finishers advance, next three finishers (4 - 6) in order from each heat race each other in a secondary heat with the winner of that race advancing to the main with the other primary 1-3 race finishers. The overall intentions for the day would be Best out of 5 heats would advance with a secondary heat finishers (4 - 6) earned chance to get back into the weekend finals heat.

Your comments are welcomed here.

Chris - (a.k.a. Big Foot)

Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:19 pm

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Post Re: Regional RWYB open class Inter-club Challenge
One possible suggestion was the RWYB inter-club exchange challenge competitions would compete against the rival club twice annually (one home and one away). So each participating club would travel 4 times per year &
host 4 times per year (to be adjusted annually according to participation). Additional possible suggestions would be to manage heat wins was a simple 1, 2, 3 annual accumualative points system (1st = 3pts, 2nd = 2pts,
3rd = 1pt). At the end of that annual kart season or calendar year the club & individuals with the most points
would be the annual RWYB SoCal Regional RWYB open class Inter-club Challenge individual & club Champs.

As eluded to before each home course is different and under different circumstances, conditions, costs. Racers' donations are being suggested at approximately $25-$40/ea. (more on this later). Since it's inception
American Sprint Karting was/has been a John Q man's affordable racing sport based on the John Q home shop
racer' ingenuity/craftsmanship on the local parking lot or open space with some simple course cones/markers, stop watches, and basic flags. To mention just a few simplistic non-dedicated purpose sprint track venues asrecent as 2010 Buffalo Wild Bill's Casino, Sept 2011 Burris Orange County fair parking lot, of course the Annual SKUSA Sprint Karting Nationals at the Rio Casino parking lot, and the Torrance South Bay FREE Parking lot racing (since the 1970's) have kept with the parking lot racing roots of this great American and now global sport.

The proposed total Value of rewards per main may be in the range of $250 - $500, derived from a combination of
racer & local business donations decided in advance divided proportionately between main event 1st, 2nd, 3rd
place finishers.

As American history has shown repeatedly, necessity and hard times are the mother of all creativity. This horrific economic strangle hold in California has given rise once again to American ingenuity and Americans helping each other in rough times just as they have throughout American history of tough times. American Karting and American local businesses have the mutual need for what unique benefits each has to offer seems to be a marriage destined to be. Depending on the responce to this hypothetical regional kart competition, this may open the doorway and give rise to "The Whopper" of all American grass roots karting. I am going to leave you hanging due to its preliminary stages but, there has been some very exciting early proposals & venue developments utilizing what most of our regions already have plenty of in association with our starving local business & real estate owners. Let's just say every American (want to be "King of the Mountain" !! (more on this as it develops)

Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:24 pm

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Post Re: Regional RWYB open class Inter-club Challenge

This sounds like a great program. The only bad thing is that LAKC's raceday is full with no time run the class. Hopefully, some of the other series can participate.


Greg Jackson
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Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:51 pm
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