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Most sensational news in the history of motorsports of the present time, Team ARG is due to return in full force this Sunday at LAKC.

Team ARG became internationally known in 2008 when it entered the world of premier shifter karts at SKUSA ProKart Challenge, immediately challenging – then, most dominating team – Huntington Beach based Pulp Racing. The two teams were involved in the most intense rivalry the world of internet motorsports has ever seen. Rivalry was so intense that it is thought to have extracted the most out of the teams, to the point they could no longer be competitive, forcing a withdrawal from international competition and allowing other teams and drivers to move up the rank.

It has been reported that Team ARG has been working feverously behind the scenes – since 2010 – and has successfully attained significant sponsorship funds to mount a full assault challenge, starting this weekend at LAKC. Team ARG released the following official statement:

“Team ARG is pleased to announce to millions of our fans and supporters that we are back! This Sunday (at LAKC), Japanese superstar Larry Hayashigawa will challenge the field in TAG Senior, we are extremely confident that he will win or maybe finish second. Our German ace pilot Steve Murray is returning to competitive race and will represent us in Open Shifter, the most prestigious shifter class. Murray showed incredible pace during last weekend’s official test day and we are confident that he will attain a podium spot. Partnering up Murray and leading Team ARG’s effort in the return to racing glory, Brazil’s national hero Alex King will race in Open Shifter for us, again, the most prestigious shifter class in the world.”

“To further demonstrate our commitment and our intent to once again dominate the world of international internet motorsports, Team ARG is confirming that German golden hands Michael Goebel, Cuban master Angel Figueras, Brazilian and once expelled by LAKC, Flavio Melo, and technical expert Tenny Kwok will all attend this Sunday’s LAKC Grand Prix in full support of Team ARG. Booking for Mr. Melo is confirmed and he is due to arrive at LAX from Miami on Saturday night. Team ARG also confirms after party program scheduled at a local Mexican restaurant to celebrate team’s victories.”

Pulp Racing has declined to comment.

Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:12 pm

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Alex King wrote:

Pulp Racing has declined to comment.

Pulp Racing is excited to hear that Team ARG is finally trading in their keyboards for actual seat time at a "sanctioned karting event". We figure that we'll spot Team ARG with another month or so of "Cheating Bastard" practice, at which time Team ARG might be ready for public humiliation when they face Pulp Racing mano-a-mano for the first time.

Pulp Racing has been inactive for the past month, even missing a local PKC event due to their number 1 pilot having a case of "#$%^, I got a lot of balls" as pictured below:

(click on link below, as uh....only 640x480 images allowed on this forum..did we go back in time to the year 1999?)

Currently, Hayashi's eight year old daughter is in the midst of her 8-and-Under Girl's Fastpitch Softball Gold All Star team, representing South Huntington Beach, which plays every weekend in a different city for a few more weeks. As a result, Pulp Racing had to divert resources/cash/technology to support the advanced training of the Huntington Beach Bombers with automated, battery powered pitching machines, standalone wireless radar gun display technology to develop throwing speed/bat speed/running speed, pitching nets, batting nets, batting tees, pitching targets, portable bases/pitching mounds, and approximately 450 balls of various dimensions in order to crush the competition.

Mr. Littrell's shoulder appears to be healed after a year of recovery from his foray into triathalon training, so he can now hold a steering wheel without any pain. Mr. Mello has been chomping at the bit to drive his kart, but has not taken the necessary training classes to drive the 48 foot transporter, so he's waiting for Hayashi to commandeer the Pulp trailer after the 8u Softball season is over.

Pulp Racing is crossing our fingers that once we fire up the transporter and our karts, that Team ARG's multinational kart team won't suffer from any unforseen surgeries, accidents, equipment failures, deportations, etc, so they won't have any excuses for not showing up at the Pulp vs. ARG: The Main Event.

Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:16 pm

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Four long years have gone by but the rivalry that initiated between the two giant international motorsports teams – Team ARG and Pulp Racing – back in 2008 remains as intense as ever before. Despite Pulp Racing’s genuine satisfaction demonstration in seen the return of Team ARG, the ‘Antique Racers Guild’ did not correspond the same gracious gesture and instead, was extremely critical in its official press release that read in part:

“…we do not sympathize with the issues within Pulp Racing. Our factory pilot Michael Goebel has been absent from racing this year due to the traumatic stage of mind he currently finds himself in due to the loss of Alfred Muller, his goldfish that jumped out of the tank and eventually passed at the beginning of the racing season. This is a serious matter and valid excuse for Goebel’s absence, yet, we have been criticized by the press and by Pulp Racing themselves – so for that reason – they do not have our sympathy and we are certain they are simply afraid to compete with the best at LAKC and be beaten by us, because they know our factory pilots are better than theirs…”

Team ARG further stated that in an effort to induce Pulp Racing’s entrance to the premier level of motorsports at LAKC, it will initiate a funding pledge at to immediate raise funds to support Mr. Hayashi’s daughter’s softball program:

“First, just because Alex does not get along with Doug and Doug simply hates Alex, that does not mean that Alex himself and Team ARG have any appreciation for Mr. Hayashi’s daughter’s softball efforts. In fact, we want to support her and we would like to do so immediately so that we can see Mr. Hayashi back in the cockpit of his TonyKart. Why? We are confident that our Alex will beat Doug and we want the world to see it.”

Brazilian superstar Alex King was not available for comment; however, via international telephone, the German goldenhands Michael Goebel spoke:

“Alfred is resting now. And I will be back soon. I have challenged Littrell in cycling events, he declined. I am now challenging him to the next LAKC’s event, we will see if he is ready to face my helmet, my golden hands, my guns! I am going to do this for Alfred!”

Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:11 pm

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Announcing its return to the highest level of motorsports, Team ARG commends the astonishing performance of its factory pilots – Alex King, Steve Murray and Larry Hayashigawa – in Round 5 of the LAKC World Championship.

“Seen our team – Alex and Steve – starting the main on second row, that was fantastic! Fantastic because this is just the beginning, we have just return to this sport in full force and effect. And Larry’s performance was simply brilliant. He could have certainly won that race. In fact, any of our three factory pilots could have won the race this past Sunday” Team ARG stated on its official website.

Team ARG is reportedly to be extremely motivated following its performance in Round 5, scheduling in advance 4 official test days prior to the next championship round in July, which may include the much anticipated return of German’s ace Michael Goebel.

“We have confirmed 4 official test days for our factory pilots. These sessions will include a racing simulation mode as well as a number of new parts the factory has developed over the past 93 hours following last Sunday’s event. We are confident that we will dominate next month” stated Team ARG.

Brazilian pilot Alex King is said to be keen in the possibility of attaining a 30mm OTK chassis. King adamant that such chassis is providing an unfair advantage for his competitor as he stated on his Facebook page:

“ Willy Musgrave, Steve Berg, they were both much faster than me today and I can only think that the only possible reason that allows them to be faster, is the fact that they race a 30mm and I race a 32mm OTK chassis. I must attain one myself by next month.”

King further provoked declared rival Pulp Racing’s absence from the event:

“My shoulder, my hair is falling off, I drunk too much water, I have heard all sorts of excuses from those guys. The fact is that they are afraid to face us and we have an outstanding attendance record. Team ARG means no flaking.”

Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:37 pm
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