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Team ARG has confirmed that initiated proceedings that will likely lead into an official dispute over the legality of Chris Curtis's latest victory this past Sunday at LAKC World Championship. The American racing star clinched his maiden victory in Open Shifter, just over 0.6s ahead of Team ARG's factory leading pilot Steve Murray. Team ARG made public the following statement over its team's website:

"We are not yet ready to congratulate Mr. Curtis for his maiden victory as there are a number of uncertainties that must be clarified. One of such uncertainties is specifically in regards to his birth certificate, which he strongly refused to provide last year and have somehow attained clearance to compete. We are not convinced that Mr. Curtis is technically legal to compete in the Open Shifter of LAKC World Championship and we intend to get to the bottom of it over the next couple of days. We would like to see an original, not a copy, of his birth certificate".

Team ARG's suspicious over Chris Curtis's legality has been recently fueled by the latest report on Yahoo. ... 51943.html

Mr. Curtis is reportedly to be celebrating his latest victory in Aruba and has declared to comment on Team ARG's latest statement.

Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:38 pm
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We a LAKC have reviewed the birth certificate in great detail. It looks like the real deal. This father may be from Kenya but his mother is definitely from the United States. We are still waiting the results of the carbon testing to confirm the date of the paperwork matches his age. Results will be out soon. Until then the Victory is in good standing. So Team ARG must "cease and desist" on this subject.
Thanks you for understanding ;)

Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:56 am
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There will be no investigation arising from any complaints from Team ARG "Team ARG is officially out of complaints, each team is allowed 60 complaints during a race season and they reached that after the first race" that's a quote from FIA President Chris Latorre.

Formula One driver and part time LAKC kart driver Chris Curtis attributes his victory to a new air-ducting system called the M-Duct. When Musgrave's M-Duct system first appeared in pre-season testing it was hailed by many a a true stroke of genius, a classic example of out-thinking the regulations. With the basic idea being that the driver is able to alter the airflow over the bodywork, without infringing regulation 3.15 (below), and in doing so gain a speed advantage on straights.

3.15 Aerodynamic influence : With the exception of the cover
described in Article 6.5.2 (when used in the pit lane), the driver
adjustable bodywork described in Article 3.18 and the ducts described in
Article 11.4, any specific part of the car influencing its aerodynamic
performance :
■ Must comply with the rules relating to
■Must be rigidly secured to the entirely sprung part of
the car (rigidly secured means not having any degree of freedom) ;
remain immobile in relation to the sprung part of the car.

This speed advantage appears to have given the team the upper hand at the LAKC circuit, Racecar decided to investigate the theory behind the new system.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :D

Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:09 pm

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On behalf of MRC, we would like to congratulate Mr. Chris Curtis on this maiden victory. A great performace seems to have scared away some of the competition (ARG), but we'll see if they have the courage to show up and take on the defending race winner in August...

Meanwhile, MRC has posted pictures and details of Mr. Curtis and the other three shifter class winners here:

Congratulations again to Chris and all the drivers that were actually brave enough to show up and test themselves against a truly great driver.

Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:18 pm

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Outspoken Brazilian Superstar Alex King fired away this afternoon against latest criticism from North America’s fastest Spec Honda pilot, Billy Musgrave. The Brazilian hinted the possibility of racing in S2 next month at LAKC World Championship:

“I haven’t looked at the results but I heard via the international press that Billy won the race. So here is the deal, either this guy is a racing god or S2 competition must be weak. I say this because I personally saw Billy at the track just a week ago, he had a broken leg and couldn’t walk. So how can he just show up and spank everyone? I think Team ARG needs to register me in S2 next month.”

The Brazilian went on to suggest that should the team enter him in S2, beating Billy Musgrave would be a realistic expectation:

“Certainly! I understand that he won the SKUSA SpringNationals in Arizona earlier this year, but the fact is that I am the 2009 California State Champion in Spec Honda. The numbers don’t lie and the timing sheet will tell you that Billy is actually faster than me; however, the timing sheet fails to consider a number of things. First, Billy has superior radiator. Second, he has superior water hoses. Third, he has superior radiator and water hoses. So he has the technical advantage, other than that, I am faster!”

King went on to clarify that he does not see Billy as a rival and appreciates Billy’s support:

“Billy is not a rival of mine. Let’s face it, I don’t like Michael Goebel, I don’t like Chris Curtis and I don’t like BlackBullet, but I have no problems with Billy. He is actually a fan of mine. He is a good guy. He was very polite last the he asked for my autographed picture. And I am very proud that he continues to learn from me and continues to get faster and faster because of me.”

“Look, this is not about King vs. Musgrave. This is about King vs. Curtis, because Chris can not be trusted. He says he never practices but whenever I go to the track, he is there. He says he has no budget and has bad equipment, but look at his trailer and you will find 3 chassis and 6 engines. He says he has no track support but I see him paying $5 thousand to get coaching from Musgrave Racing Team. I am willing bet he has a 250cc engine modified to look like a 125cc.”

Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:59 pm
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Please be informed that we are well aware of those hybrid 250cc motors that look like 125cc motors and they will not make it past tech next month. I can guarantee that. We are also aware from very reliable source that the trick NOS hidden in the frame rails will not get by us again either. There has been rumors about NOS and hidden turbos built into the exhaust. We are currently investigating those allegations.

Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:16 pm
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Premier racing team – Team ARG – has officially suspended its investigation in regards to Chris Curtis status qualification in racing the LAKC’s most prestigious shifter class, Open Shifter. However, the team is not yet acknowledging Mr. Curtis as this month’s race winner. Team ARG also praised the head of LAKC’s Chris LaTorre in an official press statement released this morning:

“We wish to inform that Team ARG is immediately suspending its 17-month investigation in regards to the legality and status qualification of our fellow competitor, Mr. Chris Curtis. This however, does not mean that we accept Mr. Curtis as this month’s race winner in Open Shifter nor this means that Mr. Curtis is operating within technical acceptable rules & principles. In fact, we are confident that Mr. Curtis remains out of compliance, at some capacity; however, we are confident in the monitoring and enforcement capabilities of the LAKC’s Administration Council, headed by the respectable Sir Chris LaTorre, and as such, Team ARG is suspending its investigation and will rely solely on the Administration Council’s ultimate decision.”

“In the meantime, Team ARG is determined and confident in dominating the August race. New tactics and strategies will be implemented next month; however, we will not comment on latest rumors that German ace Michael Goebel’s job will be to hold back Mr. Chris Curtis, so that Alex King – powered by an ICC TMK9-C motor package - can cruise to victory.”

Meanwhile, Team ARG’s factory pilot Alex King accepted team’s decision but did not shy away from making yet, another unconstructive criticism against arch rival Chris Curtis:

“Just be aware guys! Anytime you deal with a person where his last name does not fit his physical appearance, and he speaks with an accent that does not fit his last name nor his physical appearance, just be aware because he is probably nuts or mentally disturbed! Be aware of Curtis, he shall not be trusted.”

Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:23 pm
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