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No Exceptions Allowed for

Minor Release and Wristband Requirements

We have had several instances of minor release forms being signed by unauthorized people.  These releases can only by signed by a parent or a person that has legal authorization to act as the minor’s guardian.  Our insurance company has informed us that a grandparent, uncle, or anybody else cannot sign the minor release unless they have legally appointed as the minor’s guardian.   If something was to happen where insurance coverage was needed, coverage would be denied by our insurer if the release was signed by an unauthorized person.  This would be bad for everyone including the participant, the parents, and LAKC staff.  LAKC members that have a notarized minor release on file are not affected by this insurance requirement since the notarized copies are good for the entire calendar year.  Legal guardians need to present proof of guardianship when signing the release.

Wristbands are another area where insurance requirements are a consideration.  Everyone must sign the release forms and have their wristbands put on by the registration staff.  If you want to buy wristbands for someone that is arriving separately, the wristband will put on will call at registration so the individual can sign the release forms when they arrive. We will have the wristband put on by our staff.  This is another situation where if the proper person has not signed the release forms, the insurance company will deny coverage.  Denial of coverage is not an option for our participants, spectators, or staff. 

We understand that these requirements will not always be convenient and apologize for the extra effort this creates for everybody but, unfortunately, that’s how things work with insurance companies.

LAKC Staff

Updated 31 Dec 2013 18:19
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