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Supplemental LAKC Rotax Rules

for the

Grand Masters and Senior Pilot Classes

In an effort to make racing more affordable, the Los Angeles Karting Championship is relaxing some of the Rotax rules for the Grand Masters and Senior Pilot classes. All the other Rotax rules remain in effect for anything not included on this list:

The Bridgestone YKC is the spec tire for dry conditions.  Rain tires are open but must be CIK homologated.

Exhaust pipes and radiators can be welded, patched, and repaired in any manner as long as the original configuration is not altered.

Any original equipment Rotax FR 125 cylinder, clutch, or airbox is legal.

The brand and type of spark plug and external fuel filter are not tech items.

Engines with foreign passports are allowed and are not required to have the second seal located on the case.

Please note that the Rotax Senior class is not covered by these relaxed rules.

Updated 29 May 2013 10:46
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