Striving to be the racing organization of choice | The Los Angeles Karting Championshp (LAKC) Pioneered and Launched its ‘Team Series Championship’ Last Year with Mild but satisfactory results| This year – LAKC is giving its Programme a boost by providing a $3,000 Plus payout | And the karting community has immediately reacted to it.

It is reportedly that LAKC was reasonably satisfied with the Team Series Championship during its inaugural season last year, which consisted of 5 teams, and had 2Wild Karting clinch the championship title. And in order to induce other kart shops, engine suppliers and/or racing teams to join the series, LAKC announced changes to enhance the program earlier this year – as highlighted below:

  • -          $3,000 plus Payout with $1,500 to 1st Place; $1,000 to 2nd Place; and $500 to 3rd Place.
  • -          Allowing all LAKC Sponsors to compete at no additional cost.
  • -          Allowing all LAKC Members to field a team at a cost of $400.
  • -          Allowing a team to make up 2-driver changes prior to Round 5
Photo: Joe Stalker - LAKC

Immediately following this announcement and with some marketing efforts placed by LAKC, the demand for the Team Series Championship skyrocketed – thus far, a total of 14 teams have signed up.

The Pioneers – Five Teams

2Wild Karting, HYPER Racing Engines, Acceleration Karting, Pitts Performance AKA (DR Racing Kart USA) and PSL SoCal make up the original 5 teams that participated in the Team Series Championship during its inaugural season last year – they are all returning in 2013. 2Wild Karting is the defending champion; hence, it is a favorite title contender – particularly with both Billy and Willy Musgrave on the team. However, HYPER may spoil 2Wild plans to become a back-to-back champion. HYPER has signed up Paul Bonilla as Spec PRD Senior and Spec PRD Grand Masters – a strategic decision that may pay well at the end.

The Rookies – Seven Teams

Joining the Team Series Championship for the very first time – see cut MACK Motorsports, Empire Karts, PURE Karting, Baldozier Racing, MRC and Phil Giebler Racing. In this group, no specific team stands out with a superior competitive edge as all teams appear well balanced, equally capable of fighting for the championship title. Unconfirmed reports suggest that MACK may be set to field a second team – perhaps a strategic move similar to FLEMING as noted below.

Photo: Joe Stalker - LAKC

The Ambitious – Four Teams

Also a ‘rookie’, FLEMING Racing Engines is certainly the most ambitious of all teams. It is reported that Doug Fleming – Head of FLEMING Racing Engines – performed detail analysis of the rules before strategically entering the program with 3 teams – referred as ‘Young Guns’, ‘Younger Guns’ and ‘Youngest Guns’. It will be interesting to see how Fleming might take advantage of his massive pool of drivers to potentially make changes prior to Round 5, as allowed by the LAKC rules.

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Updated 29 May 2013 11:39
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