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Multiple Drivers Lead Wire-to-Wire at Los Angeles Karting Championship Event


Program avoids rainy day to welcome large turnout for second event of season

 Aaron Aguire scored his second victory of the season in TaG Senior (Photo:


Another great turnout for the second event of the 2015 Los Angeles Karting Championship visited the CalSpeed Karting Center in Fontana, California. Just over 160 entries contested under sunny skies on April 26 after rain swept the area during Saturday test sessions. Racers took on the Grande layout in the counter-clockwise direction, providing a great challenge throughout the day that include qualifying, Prefinal and Final for all 17 categories.

Aaron Aguire was able to secure his second straight victory in the 20-driver Adams Motorsports Park TaG Senior class after a hard-fought day. Aguire was sixth in the qualifying session, which was led by Jordan Robertson and his 49.245-second lap. The 10-lap Prefinal saw eight lead changes alone at the line, not counting those at other sections of the course. In total, about seven drivers were involved with Christian Brooks emerging on the final lap for the win. The battle continued at the front in the main event with Matt Johnson and Bobby Kelley putting the pressure on Brooks. Johnson and Kelley appeared to have the top two spots locked until their fight on the final lap allowed Aguire and Brooks to slide through for a 1-2 finish. Kelley finished third with David Vasquez ahead of Johnson at the checkered flag.

The MMK PRD Senior Pilot category increased to 18 drivers for Round Two, with Alyssa Yauney one of the 10 drivers to sweep on the weekend. Edging out the field by two tenths in qualifying, before leading all 10 laps of the Prefinal and 16 laps of the Final. Round One winner Ivan Urueta kept it close, with Riley Dugan trailing in third. Michael Mork and Cristina Castro completing the top-five.

 Colin Queen became the second different winner in Junior 1 Comer (Photo:

A second winner was welcomed in the Fleming Racing Engines Jr. 1 Comer category, with Colin Queen sweeping the day. Queen set the fast lap in qualifying by over three tenths of a second, but was challenge by Dominic Gorden for the Prefinal win. After he secured the win on the final lap, the battle resumed in the main event. Gorden led the second half of the race, except for the most important circuit. Queen was able to complete a last lap pass for the victory, reaching the checkered flag first by 81 thousandths over Gorden. Carson Morgan was third with Chance Gibson fourth and Round One winner Joseph Daniele fifth. The Empire Karts Jr. 1 Comer Pilot division was a sweep as well for Chance Gibson. Matching his victory from Round One, Gibson led from qualifying to the final checkered flag, recording a 26-second victory over AJ Matheson with Aidan Yoder in third.

For the Kart Racer TV Main of the Month, the15-driver field of DR Kart TaG Cadet class was selected. Round One winner Ryan Schartau began the day as the driver to beat after he posted a 54.255-second lap, quicker by over two tenths from the rest of the field, however he would not complete a single lap in the Prefinal. That opened the door for Joseph Daniele to slide through for the race win. Schartau fought his way back in the Final, reaching the second spot after just six laps. He was the only driver to lead aside from Daniele, taking the point on lap 11. Daniele came back to retake the spot, and drove away to the victory. Schartau settled for second with Shea Weston third. Oliver Calvo and Dominic Gorden completed the top-five.

Mack Motorsports PRD 2 division was among the largest groups of the day with 17-drivers, and among the most competitive. Jake Drew set the pace in qualifying ahead of Hannah Grisham and Greg Osborne. The top two went back and forth during the Prefinal until Grisham secured the top position and Jonathan Shone slipped ahead of Drew for second. The two battled once again in the Final, until Grisham retired on lap nine, giving Drew a clear run to the checkered flag. However, Drew was penalized back to the fourth position for an on-track incident, giving the victory to Jordan Turner. Osborne and Jonathan Shone capped off the top-three with Victor Barbosa in fifth.

 Jordan Turner was declared the winner in PRD 2 (Photo:

Six of the shifter categories were sweeps by the winning drivers. Billy Musgrave doubled up on the day, winning the TM Racing Open Shifter and 2Wild Karting S1 Pro Stock Moto classes once again. Uncontested in the Stock class, it was a 17-second margin of victory over Slava Prikhodko and Willy Axton in Open. The new Acceleration Kart Racing S4 Super Masters Stock Moto saw Kalvin Chen repeat as victor. Chen held off Sean Bond and Ron Rossetti for his second straight in the class.

KC Cook was at the front of the Smokin Fast Racing S3 Novice Stock Moto all day. Cook out-qualified the field by over four tenths. From there, Cook was untouchable as he led the entire Prefinal and Final, scoring his first victory by just over four seconds. Aaron Schmitt was runner-up with Dekota Fripp third, just ahead of Round One winner Royal McKee. Cruz Fiore was victorious in the Nash Motorsportz S5 Junior Stock Moto class after finishing runner-up last month. Fiore bested Josh Early and Prescott Campbell. The PKS S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto class was swept by Chandler Campbell. Winning last month, Campbell extended her point lead with her second straight victory over Tyler Coffman and Joshua Young.

Darren Elliott had a possible sweep taken away in the MRC S4 Master Stock Moto class. Elliott qualified first and won the Prefinal, but was removed from the results for a missing neck brace. Starting from the back of the six-kart field, Darren scored the victory. Prefinal winner Erik Jackson was two seconds back, just ahead of Vivek Tandon.

 Joseph Daniele won in TaG Cadet (Photo:

The two Masters divisions in Touch and Go competition were sweeps, all in the same race group. It was a second victory for Erik Jackson in the CRG of Southern California TaG Master category, after he won the Final by four seconds over Tim Meyers and Tony Rossetti. At the same time, Bryan Bender doubled up in the win column for 2015 in the Phil Giebler Racing PRD Masters division. Bender went unchallenged to the checkered flag with Mike Johnson classified second and Steve Hansen third.

Connor Funk was at the front of the iKart West Senior PRD field when the checkered flag waved at the end of the day. Logan Calvin set the pace in qualifying, with the seven drivers separated by just half a second. Funk was sixth in the timed session, and worked his way up to fourth in the 10-lap Prefinal as Calvin led Jacob Pope and Tim Meyer to the finish line. Pope led the majority of the final with Funk on his bumper. A last lap pass secured the second straight victory for Funk. Sheldon Andrews doubled up in the win column for 2015, scoring another in the HMS Honda Kid Kart division. Dane Idelson was more than three tenths quicker than Andrews in qualifying, but the Round One winner came back to lead wire-to-wire in both the Prefinal and Final. Idelson ran 12 seconds back in the main event, however, recording the fast lap of the race, with Zackary Martinez in third.

In just a few weeks, the next event for the LAKC program will take place, scheduled for May 17 at the same CalSpeed facility. For more about the 2015 Los Angeles Karting Championship program, please visit and ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

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  Los Angeles Karting Championship Opens 2015 Season   PDF   Print   E-mail  

Los Angeles Karting Championship Opens Season


Over 180 entries enjoy Southern California weather as championship chase begins

 Erik Jackson scored the victory in the TaG Master division (Photo:


FONTANA, CA (April 6, 2015)- The 2015 kicked off for the Los Angeles Karting Championship with the first event of the year held at the CalSpeed Karting Center in Fontana, California on March 29. The leading race series in Southern California welcomed over 180 entries, with perfect weather conditions throughout the day for the 18 categories to begin their championship chase that includes over $40,000 in cash, prizes and other assorted programs that will be awarded this year, thanks to the support and contributions of the sponsors and series supporters.

The largest class of the weekend was the Buddy Rice Karting TaG Senior group, swept by Aaron Aguire. Qualifying in the 23-driver field was tight, as six drivers posted a lap within a tenth of a second to Aguire’s 42.963-second lap. Henry Morse and Matt Johnson came 11 thousandths off his time to finish the session second and third. Aguire led all 10 laps of the Prefinal over Johnson. Shuffled back at the start, Aguire fell back to fifth at one time in the Final. He worked his way forward, taking over the lead from Carlee Taylor with the white flag waving. Aguire held on for the victory with Taylor in second. Christian Brooks was a close third with Johnson fourth and Justice Lepe completing the top-five.

 Colby DuBato triumphed in the PRD 2 division (Photo:

Colby DuBato scored the first victory of the season in the second largest class of the weekend, the Mack Motorsports PRD 2 division. The day began with Jake Drew at the top of the order after qualifying, posting the only sub 44-second lap. Both trailed Jonathan Shone in the Prefinal, as Dubato was second at the stripe. Shone charged forward in the 10-lap event, beating DuBato to the line for the win. The two continued battling in the 16-lap Final with Drew waiting in the wings. DuBato raced to the checkered flag first for the victory. Shone settle for second with Drew in third. Ryan McElwee was fourth with Jordan Turner in fifth.

Eight drivers, aside from Aguire, swept their respective categories on the day. Billy Musgrave doubled up in the sweep and win category, besting the field of the TM Racing Open Shifter and Pure Karting S1 Pro Stock Moto. Willy Axton kept Musgrave honest all day in the Open division, with Jesse Romer placing third. Musgrave ran uncontested in the S1 class. The new Acceleration Kart Racing S4 Super Masters Stock Moto welcome Kalvin Chen as the first victor. Chen swept the action in the new category, driving to a five-second victory in the main event over Sean Bond and Ron Rossetti. Nicky Hays bested Cruz Fiore in the Nash Motorsportz S5 Junior Stock Moto class.

The successful HMS Honda Kid Kart division welcomed 11 drivers for the day, as Sheldon Andrews set the pace. Andrews went wire-to-wire in the Prefinal and Final after qualifying, scoring the victory by nearly 15 seconds. Zackary Martinez and Brodey Vicars completed the podium. Three of the five PRD categories were swept on the day. Connor Funk bested the iKart West Senior PRD field by nine seconds in the main event with the victory over Joey Paonessa and Jacob Pope. Bryan Bender held off Daniel Rivera in the Phil Giebler Racing PRD Masters category, with Mike Johnson placing third. Cole Keith Cotham was under attack in the Prefinal for the P1 Engines PRD 1 race. After earning the win, the top qualifier went on to nine-second advantage in the main with Dominic Gorden and Shea Weston joining Cotham on the podium.

 Billy Musgrave swept both the Open Shifter and S1 Pro Stock Moto Division (Photo:

The MMK PRD Senior Pilot category featured 16 newcomers and novices to the class, helping to grow the sport toward the future. Ivan Urueta finished the day as the first winner on the season. Urueta qualified third behind Derek Esquibel and Tyler ReviereVerninas. All three were separated by just 76 thousandths of a second. The Prefinal finished with Urueta squeaking by Esquibel at the line for the win, while the final was all Ivan, pulling away to a five-second victory. Esquibel drove second with Reviereverninas running third.

Completing the Superkarts! USA TaG categories with LAKC are the Master and Cadet divisions. Seven drivers made up the CRG So-Cal TaG Master class on the day, all chasing Erik Jackson. An issue in qualifying placed Jackson at the back of the field for the Prefinal with Tony Rossetti on the pole position. It took just six laps before the defending class champion was at the point, taking the win and going on to lead all 16 laps in the Final for victory. Nick De Graf made a late charge to take over the second spot from Rossetti.

The 13-driver field in the DR Kart TaG Cadet division began chasing Cole Keith Cotham, after posting a fast lap two tenths clear of Colin Queen and Oliver Calvo. The Prefinal saw Calvo come away with a last lap pass on Ryan Schartau, who was penalized down to fourth after the race to move up Cotham and Shea Weston up the grid for the main event. Schartau quickly bounced back, getting into the lead on lap two and holding on for the remainder of the race to secure the victory. Calvo ended up in second with Cotham the third spot.

Junior 1 Comer continues to be among the larger classes at LAKC, with 19 in the Fleming Racing Engines Jr. 1 Comer and six in the Empire Karts Jr. 1 Comer Pilot divisions. After qualifying sixth, Joseph Daniele went on to win both the 10-lap Prefinal and 16-lap Final. The main event was a five-driver battle, as Daniele secured the victory on the final lap over Rylee Martinez, Jace Jones, Aden Dodge and Colin Queen. Jones was removed from the results following technical inspection, promoting Dodge to the third step of the podium. Chance Gibson duplicated the same feat as Daniele, winning the Prefinal and Final in the Pilot group. Gibson scored the victory by over four seconds ahead of Aidan Yoder and Devin Newcomb.

 Cole Keith Cotham swept the PRD 1 category (Photo:

Chandler Campbell scored her first win in the PKS S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto division. After Alejandro Hernandez earned fast time in qualifying, Campbell won the Prefinal and battled with the top S1 and S4 drivers in the main event. She finished second overall to Musgrave, beating Tyler Coffman and Hernandez in class. The MRC S4 Master Stock Moto class was decided between Willy Musgrave and Darren Elliott. Musgrave dropped the hammer in qualifying and came out the winner in the Prefinal. Elliott was able to edge out Musgrave for the victory in the Final, as Kalvin Chen completed the podium.

The Smokin Fast Racing S3 Novice Stock Moto welcomed 13 drivers to the grid on Sunday, with Royal McKee taking the victory. Aaron Schmitt set the pace in qualifying, and was able to score the win in the Prefinal. McKee worked past Schmitt on the opening lap, never looking back to take the victory. Schmitt settled for second with last year’s PRD Senior Pilot champion KC Cook in third.

The next event for the LAKC program is set for April 26 at the same CalSpeed facility. For more about the 2015 Los Angeles Karting Championship program, please visit and ‘Like’ them on Facebook.

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