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X30 Class Rules

Because of the interest generated in the X30 engine it is the intent of LAKC to use technically accurate X-30 rules.

In the past we have governed the engine within the broader TAG general rules.  We think it is in the best interests of our competitors to review some of the important areas that differ from the broader TAG rules.  The official pdf will govern the technical Scrutineering.  

The pdf is available on the LAKC website at:

X30 Homologation Document

X30 2013 Clutch and Ignition Document

Pay particular attention to the following:

 Air box (intake silencer)
 Water pump and pulley
 Ignition module
 Reed petals
 Exhaust system (looks like Leopard but is different)

These rules will be modified at the sole discrection of LAKC at anytime and for any reason to promote a safe and fair racing environment.

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