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Rules are subject to change, check for official updates, stay informed, it’s your responsibility! To be eligible for Championship Trophies, Jackets and Prize awards, you must first meet the following requirements and follow series rules as set forth.

1. Auto Club Speedway, Cal-Speed Kart Track, SKUSA, IKF, and any posted rules apply. It is your responsibility to have the current year IKF rulebook with you. Jan 25, 2014> We will provide free copies of the IKF rule book with your paid series membership until supplies last. It is up to the driver and crew to stay informed and abide by these rules.

2. The championship series will be 9 races, taking place on Sunday.  Schedule posted at www.lakc.org Season Championship points are based on the best 8 of 9 series races, allowing for one drop.  Drivers must notify the series of errors in the published points prior to the next race.

3. Membership: Season championship points start accumulating once the membership fee and application has been received. LAKC reserves the right to retain racing numbers for those past and current members. No duplicate numbers allowed. No letters with numbers allowed. You have until round 3 of the current racing season to join LAKC as a member to retain your prior round championship points.

4. AutoClub Speedway, Cal Speed Kart Track and LAKC do not permit any type of vehicle including, but not limited to, skateboards, bicycles, skates, golf carts, or quads. LAKC officials, Karting Ventures, the Auto Club Speedways employees, and handicapped guests with credentials are exempt. It is a privilege to be at the Auto Club Speedway, please do not do anything to jeopardize the home of LAKC and it members, including yourself!

6. Registration: Will be from 6:30 a.m. on race day. Saturdays prior to race day registration times may vary.  Check with onsite personnel regarding Saturday registration times.  Everyone must have signed the Auto Club Speedway release form prior to entering the paddock, pits, and or kart track area. Only those drivers who registered and paid an entry fee can practice and race. There will be a $25.00 service fee for any Returned checks. Failure to pay any due monies to LAKC will result in loss of points and suspension from any further racing at LAKC.

7. Drivers are responsible for obtaining required insurance wristband pit passes for those who enter the pit area. Driver will assume all responsibilities for its crew and guests. Anyone in the pit area without an insured wristband can expect to be asked to leave or purchase a pit pass, in addition the Auto Club Speedway release must be signed by all who enter the facility.

8. All drivers must register. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a properly completed and signed minors release form on file. Jan 25, 2014> Only a parent or Guardian may sign for a minor. If the parent or guardian is unable to attend the event, a release must be notarized in advance of the event and approved my LAKC staff..

9. Pit Spots: Reserved Pit spaces are exclusively for those who have purchased and paid for them.  They are ONLY for Saturday and Sunday during an LAKC race event weekend. They are non transferable and cannot be loaned, rented or reassigned to anyone other than the original person it was issued to. A pit spot map will be available at registration. Free pit spots will be available on a first come first choice basis.

10. Camping and Saturday trailer drop off are free to those members who purchased reserved pit spots. Otherwise camping and trailer drop off prices are per our regristraion processes.

11. Drivers and required representatives to attend the Driver’s Meeting on race day, roll call will be taken. Anyone absent from roll call at the meeting may be required to start the main event at the back of their class. All Kids Kart drivers may have a separate drivers meeting immediately following the regular meeting.

12. Pre-tech: self pre-tech form. It is the driver’s responsibility to completely fill out and turn in the pre tech form. No kart / driver may enter the race track without a pre-tech sticker. Pre-tech stickers will be placed on the kart by the grid steward upon receiving the completed form. Helmets and neck collars will be checked. No cutting or altering of neck collars is allowed. Weights must be painted white, drilled, Nylock nuts drilled and saftey wired or Nylock nuts  double nutted. Oct. 14, 2014> [deletion] Fasteners must be safety wired as per IKF regulations. All pre-tech items are subject to also passing any post tech inspection.

13. All required safety equipment must be worn when driving. All potentially exposed hair must be tucked in at all times when on the race track. Helmets must be full face type and designed for competitive motorsports and must comply with one of the following: Snell 2005 SA and M or better helmets are now required for the 2014 racing season. Any helmets found to be older than what is stated below will not be acceptable for the race: Snell 2005 SA and M, 2005 K, CMS2007 (youth helmet), CMR 2007 (youth helmet), M 2010,SA 2010 and SFI 24.1 (youth Helmet), 31.2a, 41.2a, 24.1/2005 (youth Helmet),31.1/2005,41.1/2005, 24.1/2010(youth helmet), 31.1/2010, 41.1/2010. A proper fit is essential especially for young drivers. Neck collars are mandatory and no modification is allowed to Neck collars. ALL Cadet Drivers must wear a chest protector per IKF rules. More helmet regulation apply per IKF rule #105.1.6.  Helmets and all head gear such as balaclavas must be removed prior to entering scales.

14. A driver needs to take a green flag during warm up, practice, qualifying, heat race or main event to receive points. If you and your kart are on the track for any reason there will be no refund of any kind. If for any reason you have pre-registered to race and are unable to attend you may use a credit toward your next race but there will not be any cash refunds.

15. Transponders are mandatory. If you own your own, make sure to provide have your transponder number at registration. Transponder location per IKF (min. of 12 inches rearward from centerline of the top of the left king pin to the leading edge of the transponder). Jan 25, 2014> [deletion].

16. Beginners must display an X on the rear number plate, and the back of their helmet. For safety reasons, the race director has the power to keep a racer longer at "X" status if they deem them not safely up to speed. First time racers must meet with the Race Director at the end of the driver’s meeting.

17. Some classes might be combined with other classes to keep the schedule on time.

18. Know when your class is scheduled and on which grid you’re on. The event will not be held up waiting for any entrant. Race day schedules will be available at registration, and are subject to change.  So please stay informed. Changes, updates, and information may be broadcast over the P.A. system and FM radio transmission.

19.The Race Director is in charge of the event and may make changes necessary in scheduling of the race day.

20. Any questions regarding the race should be directed to the on track officials. Most concerns may not be handled until the end of the race day. Tech issues should be addressed to the tech officials.

21. No one is allowed on the track at any time for any reason without permission of an official. Any parent, crew or member of any team that disobeys this rule without prior consent from an official and continues on track under any circumstances may be asked to leave, and penalties applied to their driver. This rule is designed to protect you, your driver and all competitors.

22. Protest Forms will be located at the scale table. They need to be turned in to the scale personnel. Protest must be in writing per IKF rules within the time limits set by the IKF rules.

23. Post tech: the only people allowed in the post-tech area are the driver and one mechanic. You must comply with the requests from the tech officials regarding the item inspected. The post tech director has the final decision on any tech DISQUALIFICATION issues. You must bring your own tools.  Tech officials and staff are not required to loan out tool.  Please do not ask to barrow tools from the tech official.

24. Unique series win stickers will be given out Jan 25, 2014> after the main event when the trophy is handed out. 

25. Disqualifications (DQs) are per IKF rules, Flagrant (i.e. intentional cheating) DQs for the first offense will result in last place points and cannot be dropped in the championship series. DQ's for the second and all future offenses will result in zero points and they also cannot be dropped in the championship series. The BODs will determine flagrant DQs and are subject to rule 31. All decisions by the BOD are final and are not be subject to appeal.

26. Official fuel choices are clearly stated in the class structure sheet.

27. The burden of proof as to the legality of all parts or products will be the responsibility of the user. We will try to resolve any tech issues on the day of the race. Any decisions made by LAKC officials are final, cannot be protested, and cannot be appealed to any other organization whatsoever. The LAKC Board of Directors will not overrule any race official. The Board of Directors will review the race results at our board meeting, correct any scoring errors, and determine any flagrant (blatant cheating) DQ’s. The Board of Directors are also responsible for correcting any malicious actions by our race day staff and/or officials.

28. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of their pit crew members and guests. Unacceptable actions will subject the driver to immediate ejection from the event, and possible suspension. Actions will be evaluated by the Board of Directors and the Race Director. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of any driver or their respective crew and guests will not be tolerated, and are subject to immediate ejection and suspension. Physical assault or contact will not be tolerated and are subject to immediate ejection, suspension, and arrest at the discretion of law enforcement officers. Verbal abuse of any kind, especially a minor, to anybody will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the official or the Board of Directors. This will also subject the offender to immediate ejection, suspension, and/or disqualification.

29. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, firearms (without proper legal permission) or open fires are permitted in the pit area. Jan 25, 2014> We will allow for open flames only in a designated tire scrapping area as long as two fire extinguishers are present and accessible at all times and all rubber is cleaned up after scrapping is completed.

30. All photographs and videos appearing on the LAKC web site and LAKC Newsletter are the property of LAKC or their hired photographer and videographer. Permission must be granted by the owners for additional use.

31. If you are caught blatantly cheating with performance enhancing modifications you wimay be put on probation for one year and if you finish in the top 5 positions during the probationary period your motor may be torn down to the crank.

32. Engine Revving: The practice of running engines at high rpm’s for extended periods is not allowed in the pit, pre-grid or grid areas. When in the pre-grid area no running is allowed. We realize that it is sometimes necessary to run engines after maintenance. This will only be permitted at modest RPM levels for limited periods of time. Extended running at RPMs above clutch stall speeds to preheat motors prior to racing is no permitted. Failure to adhere to these revised regulations will result in disqualification. Water cooled engines: The above is true for water cooled motors. They should be warmed up in your pit area. When in grid area the engines may only be run on the ground not on stands. Kid Karts: At events where fuel is supplied, we will allow a minimum amount of low RPM running to ensure the fuel has reached the carburetor. This is only allowed when under the direct supervision of a designated race official.


Los Angeles Karting Championship Series Rules
Rules are subject to change.  It is your responsibility to stay informed.

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