Explanation of Pre & Post Technical Inspection  

This outlines some of the most common issues we see in pre and post race technical inspection.

These are all issues that are the driver's responsibility.

1) The pre-tech form is to be filled out completely and your pre-tech sticker is to be installed on the kart before the kart takes the track for any warm up, practice, qualifying, or race session.  Without them, you will not be allowed to enter the track.  All pre-tech items are also post-tech requirements.

2) Helmets need to abide by the LAKC Rule Item 13.

3) Chest protection: Drivers in Kid Kart, Junior 1; Rookie and Cadet classes must use an approved Chest Protector (Section


5) Every kart will have their tires marked after qualifying.

6) Every kart will have their engine marked (painted) after qualifying.

7) Normally, at least the top 5 finishers in each qualifying session, heat, or final will be directed to the impound area, occasionally more will be held. If any question, ask a tech official.

8) We use a spec fuel as follows: See class structure and rules for your classIKF rules section 601.1 provides for one courtesy fuel test. We will be happy to test fuel in your tank only. We will not test in other containers.

9) We use a variety of tests to determine fuel legality. These tests are very sensitive. Remember it takes only a small amount of non-conforming fuel to contaminate your fuel tank or storage container.

10) Occasionally we will supply fuel on the grid for a specific class. If this is the case for your class you will be instructed to come to the grid with your tank empty and you fuel line loose. It is very important that the tank be completely empty.

11) Come to the tech impound area with sufficient tools and expertise to disassemble the engine. The tech officials are not required to loan tools.

12) Be knowledgeable about the current IKF, Rotax and or SKUSA Technical Manual. Be aware of any updates that are posted on www.ikfkarting.com, and or www.lakc.org.

13) Please cooperate with the tech officials; they will do everything possible to keep from disqualifying you. In the event you are found to be non-conforming in post-race tech there is an appeal process available to you.

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