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Live Video of the Main Events start at 1:30 PT / 4:30 ET on race day


Archive footage can be found HERE

Updated 28 Jun 2014 16:14
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July Race Groups

Race Group Qualify Heat Main
PRD Masters 9:20am 11:250m 1:45pm
PRD-2 9:27am 11:32am 2:03pm
TaG Senior 9:41am 11:45am 2:20pm
TaG Masters 9:48am 11:57am 2:37pm
Jr-1 / Jr-1 Pilot Comer 9:55am 12:09pm 2:55pm
S1 / S2 / Open 125 Shifter 10:09am 12:23pm 3:15pm
Kid Kart GX50 Honda 10:23am 12:36pm 3:32pm
PRD Senior 10:30am 12:49pm 3:48pm
TaG Cadet / PRD-1 10:37am 1:01pm 4:05pm
S4 / S4 Magnum / S5 Junior 10:44am 1:14pm 4:23pm
PRD Pilots 10:58am 1:26pm 4:41pm

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